Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Difference Between Visola and Aazuria

When I'm sitting on my bed with my laptop on a blanket over my legs, innocently writing Aazuria's lines, and I hear a strange noise in my house, I panic and grab the medium-sized dagger beside me. Then I proceed to think about all the types of people who could be breaking into my house, and what their motivations could be, and where I should position myself strategically, and what I should do in the event that something goes wrong. I look at the shadows through the doorway and think about what exactly I will do if I see the slightest movement. I think about my aim in throwing my dagger so I don't have to get up and remove the laptop from my lap (because I'll really just throw my knife into the person and go right back to writing?) and I think about how the dagger isn't perfectly weighted for throwing and I really should get up and get closer to the entryway so that I surprise them instead of them surprising me. A million other thoughts assail me, so I end up sitting there and staring at the shadows, paralyzed in almost-fear, reluctant but ready to take action.

When I'm writing Visola's lines and I hear a strange noise in my house, I eagerly toss the laptop and blanket off my legs, and grab my medium-sized dagger with excitement while wishing it were bigger. Then I proceed to run downstairs, looking for the source of the noise and hoping some bad-guy is breaking in with bad intentions so that I can kick some ass! I am fired up and ready to fight with someone, but alas, I live in Canada. Bad things don't happen much, (relative to America and my stories) and the strange noises are probably just my furnace struggling to keep my house warm. I am disappointed.

Obviously, I'm still very new to owning a house which constantly makes strange noises.


  1. Hahaha love this. This is another reason you need cats. You can always say "it's the cats" (incidentally you will be correct most often)

  2. Lol :D You are right... I do need a cat! And the ferocious kitty could protect me from the bad guys too!