Sunday, 13 July 2014

Farewell to a Reader

I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of my dear friend and reader Bradley Morrison. He was a good man and he possessed great talent. We connected over our love for books, and he began writing a novel that he knew he might never finish. Even so, he tried his best, and I immensely enjoyed the few chapters he sent to me. They were graphic, shocking, emotional, and intense. The story left lasting images in my mind, and it breaks my heart that I will never get to read the end of that book. I could try to write it myself-- but it will never be quite the same. I spent all night reading over my old conversations with Bradley, and I found myself getting very emotional as I began to understand how much it meant to him.

Thank you to his daughter Tiffany for contacting me; I really hope that we can finish your dad's book and publish it someday! Don't worry, Bradley, wherever you are. Your book is safe in my hands and I would never let a good story disappear from the world. I will find a way to do your story justice and bring it to thousands of people.

To all my writer friends who dream of finishing their stories, please remember that our time here is limited. Seize the moment and make the best of today. Every word and every thought is precious. Don't leave me standing here with a handful of sand. Crystallize it.