Thursday, 12 January 2012

Yay, I have a blog.

I've had blogs before, but they're kind of dangerous in my hands because I tend to be very honest and open and share all kinds of horrible, extremely personal information about myself for the entertainment value. I used to keep a diary when I was very young and had no friends, and thought that paper could be my friend (I was wrong, by the way; Microsoft Word is a much better friend) but then once I did find a friend, I chose to write letters to her instead of to myself, because I thought it made me less abnormal. I have given up on trying to seem normal at this point. :( It always backfires.

A few boyfriends have also been used as blogs, but for the most part the guys I've dated have not really wanted to hear what was on my mind. They act interested for a time, of course. I guess sometimes when I glance in the mirror, I understand why. (If you discern arrogance or conceit, you are correct; but it's also a self-deprecating remark about how people value my looks more than my mind. I do this a lot.)

Hopefully as a wise, experienced 23-year-old (that was totally sarcastic) I can be a better, more appropriate blogger than I was at 15. That's doubtful though-- and for the record, I was pretty interesting at 15, and I had a few morals back then. Here goes nothing...

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