Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Kindle Fantasy Freebie Today! About the World of my Novels...

I am very excited to announce that Fathoms of Forgiveness will be offered for free today!

I love the opportunity to give away my work for free with KDP Select. I have been sharing my writing with the world for free since I was ten years old, and it feels more honorable than selling something so precious. I believe that time spent reading or writing is invaluable, and above the cheapening of price tags!

Fathoms of Forgiveness is the second book in my epic Sacred Breath fantasy series. As many of you know, I have chosen to work with various water mythologies, but to render them scientifically plausible-- with plenty of steamy romance to boot! My mermaids do not have tails-- they have the amphibious ability to breathe underwater! Sounds like it could come in handy, eh?

As an anthropology student, I am extremely fascinated with both human culture and physiology. You will find plenty of examination of the evolutionary differences between Homo sapiens sapiens and Homo sapiens marinus. The divergence between the two subspecies occurred rather recently: only in the tens of thousands of years. Thus, breeding between the land-dwellers and sea-dwellers is possible. (And fun!)

The undersea kingdom of Adlivun is situated in the waters of Alaska, and the mermaids migrated there almost six hundred years ago from the Nordic seas. Some of them are even old enough to vaguely remember their lives in Europe, and the Old Norse language they used to speak. Having been very close with the Alaskan Natives, the residents of Adlivun named their kingdom after the Inuit underworld, and have adopted many of the concepts of Inuit mythology. You will often hear the mermaids cursing to Sedna, the Inuit goddess of the sea.

While most elements of the novels are scientifically explainable, there is a touch of magic in the inua, or spirit which is in all things, including the water and the people themselves. As is expected, the mermaids have their own traditional forms of government, and sacred tenets based on their connection to the water.

These were just a few light notes on setting and basic rules of the world the characters live in-- if I got into describing the characters themselves, I would never sleep. That's the fun part! I consider characterization to be one of my strengths in writing, but everyone will have a different opinion on the matter.

I hope you will get a chance to enjoy the story! It's free, so in the timeless words of ABBA: take a chance on me. ;)

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