Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Office Job vs. Writing

Today I drove by my high school and couldn't help thinking about the person I used to be, and whether she'd be pleased if she knew what I had become. I wouldn't want to disappoint her. So I did a little analysis of my life over the past few years to decide if old Nadia would think I was on the right track.

What my life was like at various office jobs:

7:30 AM: I want to continue sleeping forever.
9 AM: Late of course.
12 PM: I don't want to talk to anyone. Why can't they just leave me alone and let me read?
2 PM: When will this day be over? I'm going to stare at the clock and hope it moves faster.
3 PM: Maybe I'll just sneak in a bit of writing. My boss isn't paying attention and this is pointless.
4:30 PM: Soon. So soon. Almost over. I'm almost ready to explode out of this chair to freedom! I can't wait to get back to reading on the way home to escape this horror.

What my life is like now, as a full-time writer:

5AM: Wow! That was a great dream. I wonder if I can use it in the story somehow? Since the laptop is on the bed with me, I might as well start making notes and get back to work!
10AM: Oh, was I supposed to get breakfast? I've been so engaged in this story! I'll just grab some of the chocolate beside my bed and get back to work.
10PM: What? How did 12 hours pass? I hardly got anything done! I better grab coffee and keep writing.
2 AM: Stupid body, don't give up on me now! We can do this. We can keep writing! The story is getting really good and I really want to see what happens when these characters finally meet up after so long...
3 AM: Maybe just a small nap. I can't go any longer. =( But I want to keep writing...
6 AM: Awesome dream! That totally inspires me! C'mere, laptop!

So, in conclusion, I think that if I traveled back in time, my old self would say:

"Thanks for coming back in time to tell me all this." (She is polite and Canadian.) "You're a bit more mediocre than I hoped, and much less rich and famous than I'd imagined, but you've had a lot of crazy adventures; I almost thought I had run out of interesting new ways to jeopardize my health and safety. I do think it's kind of pathetic that you don't have a boyfriend, but I understand you're one of those focused, career-women. That's cool. As you know, I consider passion one of life's most important virtues. You seem excited about every day of your life, and you are your own boss-- motivated and free. I guess, by my definition, I would almost call you successful."

"Really?" I would say in wide-eyed surprise. "Thanks! Your opinion means a lot to me."

"I know. Now please go back to the future and quit cramping my style."
Actually, she probably wouldn't say that last sentence. She'd probably get out a notebook and start making extensive notes on her future so that she could vastly improve every aspect of it. She'd do such a great job too.

Now I'm feeling nostalgic and I really want to travel back in time to hang out with myself. =(

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